MOBILEPORT update 1.13.0

28 July, 2017

MOBILE PORT is a mobile application that has been designed as a window of transparency in information and a permanent communication platform, with which we intend to be close to our client to solve their information needs in real time.

2 years after the launch of the MOBILE PORT application, designed to provide better service to our customers, we continue to develop solutions that add value to their operational logistics. Learn about the new features you can take advantage of in your app from the palm of your hand:

Display of seals in containers.
Now you can visualize the seals which the containers enter and exit with, giving greater visibility of what happens inside the terminal and ensuring the security of these.
Date and time trucks appointment in ICAVE.
Now you can visualize the date and time of the appointment in the consultation of plates and carrier, so they can increase their efficiency in the entrance and exit to the port terminal.

Last version update (1.12.0) were included this new functions.

You can share by WhatsApp your screenshots.

With the intention of facilitating interaction with colleagues.

Add the weight (VGM) and ship reference in the container detail.
New fields have been added to the container display to provide more useful container information.
In Booking you can add bulk containers to favorites.
Previously in a Booking query it was necessary to enter each of the containers to be able to add them to favorites, with this update now with a single button you can add or remove all the favorites containers in an easier way, automatically activating / deactivating the notifications for these containers.