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Hutchison Ports EIT is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean of the Baja California State.

It began in 1997, operating the Multipurpose Terminal (TUM), in the Port of Ensenada, in a protected bay that offers competitive advantages in terms of productivity, rates, storage and likewise provides an alternative management for routes to the ports of Southern California.

Since 2001, Hutchison Ports EIT has been part of Hutchison Ports, innovating operating procedures, increasing the export volume of bulk wheat.

In 2003 it developed a new adaptable container concept to the existing equipment, which could carry the grain from the floor or warehouse to the boat, handling double volumes. As part of Hutchison Ports, Hutchison Ports EIT seek that customers get the benefits from the experience that for years has been making this group recognized worldwide.

Terminales de Hutchison Ports en México