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Technology - Ensenada International Terminal (EIT)


In Hutchison Ports EIT we have the necessary technological infrastructure focused on finding better services for our customers, impacting positively on the processes and offering fast and efficient services to meet their needs.

We are constantly improving our systems for the efficiency of our services, as in the case of CTS Control where there have been constant updates in order to simplify processes, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Like that also for the planning of costs for our customers we launched the “Cost Simulator”, a tool for decision-taking on resource planning before the operation of a container ship; giving users the optimal operating strategy to generate a maximum profit from the ship to arrive. Walking hand in hand with virtual technology, we also have the “Self Service Kiosk” that allows carriers to register their entrances autonomously, allowing the terminal to reduce resources and minimize the processing time of the truck entry, thus making the operation more efficient. Taking advantage of the logistic, and operational experience and software development with which Hutchison Ports EIT has experience, solutions have been implemented with the SAAS scheme (Software as a Service) from where it becomes suitable for customers without having to invest in IT infrastructure.

Our other achievement is the alliance with Samsung, we designed in a co-creation scheme with the company the Tijuana yard-Samsung-EIT where the knowledge of the customer needs and the expertise of Hutchison Ports EIT suggest a logistics solution to meet those needs and fulfill the operational objectives.

In the operational area we also have technological innovation, implementing the Automatic Monitoring of Refrigerated goods which reduces the risk of goods damage or the damage to the operation continuity, the temperature monitoring of refrigerated goods has ensured a better service level. Another innovative operating  project is the Multiple Rolls discharging, which objective is to make the unloading of the coil rolls more efficient, where a revision of the operational process was carried out, thus achieving the double of unloading resulting in the reduction of up to 50% of operating time in vessels with these goods.


HUTCHISON PORTS launched the MOBILEPORT application in Mexico, the first real-time cargo monitoring system developed by a port operator. With an investment of $ 50,000, it seeks to streamline the flow of information regarding port services at Hutchison Container Terminals in the country and will drive it as a strategic partner for the end customer and shipping lines.

“MOBILEPORT will allow us to be close to our customers with permanent communication platforms, sharing data on the operation and status of their merchandise,” explained Jorge Magno Lecona, director of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of HUTCHISON PORTS.

MOBILEPORT allows the users to consult the itinerary of the ships and know the information of their cargo. It also sends timely alerts regarding events, news of interest and gives the option to share information with other users.

This application is available for iOS and Android systems for free.

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